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True Blood S02E12 HDTV XviD-NoTV [eztv]
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2009-09-14 05:08:50 GMT
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Yes there is going to be season 3 but it wont start untill June 2010
EZTV = still just bot ? ;)
Or is there wiser reason why doesnt eztv add other trackers even its known issue that tbp trackers are down...
Xsaimex for example, has other trackers added as default, so works for EVERYONE, its not your con prob its tbp tracker.

So, recommendation/tip:

UNTIL eztv gets its shits together and adds other trackers too, DOWNLOAD XSAIMEX/other vip uploaders episodes.

at the moment, eztv (this one) doesnt connect trackers and wont dl much at all, same time ep uploaded by xsaimex is coming with approx 650kb/s (full rate for this 5mb), few mins left to complete :)

Or keep downloading eztv torrents without trackers, takes AGES, your choise :)

eztv uploads rocks, not trying to flame them, but for now its better to get other uploaders stuff. When they realize this problem, keep supporting them after its fixed again.

Sry for spelling, hope this was usefull for someone :)
thankyou eztv! really excited about last episode :-)

well i added the trackers from FrankieFingers and am dl at 400kb/s
Or add trackers manually, those who knows how to do that :)
(for bitcomet: right click on task, click properties, then second page and copy paste trackers into that list u see there)

But then again, why bother if u can simply dl the ones with trackers added, avi files aswell and vip uploaders, and nothing more needed to do than simple 1 click :)

Adding trackers is shitloads of work afterall, at least 5 clicks, whos willing to do that if u can get past it by 1 click lol ;)
eztv rules my tv world!
Wow! 793-830kB/s, this is one were fast. Excellent work seeders!
Anyone know why episode 12 wasnt uploaded last
week (Sep 6) Episode 11 was uploaded around Aug 30th and nothing last week. this was the same for new episodes of Hung, and Entourage. for
eztv there were no new episodes uploaded. were they just not aired ?
Maybe someone can explain to me why it's necessary to cut off the MUSIC and credits? In my view, it only ruins the show...?? For all show...Hey, let's start adding Music and credits!!
Thank you for the upload eztv, very much appreciated!!!
I am looking forward to the third season, alexander skarsgÄrd is doing a great job!.. Sweden:P
I can't believe some douche bag is whining about not seeing the credits. Anyway thanks
I downloaded seasons 1 and 2 from you, all great quality and all downloaded super fast!! Thank you! I love this show and can't wait until season 3 in 2010
thanx eztv! ^_^

also, someone invite me to demonoid!!!
[email protected]

only just twigged about this show .wow wow wow funny, scary as hell every episode has u gagging 4 the next .Oh yeah did i say wow .outstanding quality
only down is i have 2 wait 4 season 3 ,thanks eztv
When in june the third season is going to start?